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“Every day, People Perform”: Welcome to PERC

June 21, 2016

I distinctly remember a moment during one of my final courses at the University of Denver. My professor posed a question to me, “why it is you do what you do? At first, I gave a cookie-cutter “safe” answer. The professor brilliantly called me on answering the question as such and requested that I dig deeper and answer in a more complete way. Why exactly have you chosen this road? Then it hit me. The following is an expansion on the answer I gave.

“Every day, people perform.”

Waiters and waitresses deal with rude or disrespectful customers. Nurses willingly stay past their 12-hour shifts to better treat their patients. Parents patiently deal with a fussy child and a stressed partner after a long day of work. Coaches find ways to send motivating messages to their athletes after a hard loss. This list could fill multiple pages, but the point is clear.

“Every day, people perform.”

I had the privilege of working with a figure skater that competes at the National level. When I met this individual this young athlete was unable to place herself in a productive mental and physical state which kept her from performing at her peak potential.  This blockage was due to being overcome by the pressure and stress of the moment, but also placed an enormous amount of pressure on the support system around her. It was all so overwhelming that my client would not allow herself even the chance to succeed, because she was afraid to fail. This is a feeling that many people, athlete or no, can relate to. Whether or not we are able to move past that and perform can have a huge impact on not only our day-to-day actives, but also our lives. Today my client has learned the tools necessary to excel in competition. She will be able to carry the knowledge of how to overcome pressure throughout the rest of her life, and in doing so continue to experience success.

“Every day, people perform.”

We admire Olympic athletes, as we should, for their ability to train for years in order to perform at their peak in a single instant. Yes, the pressure they feel is magnified by comparison to many. However, I can tell you that after two years of working with these athletes so many idolize, they are people too. They experience pressure and stress like everyone does. Likewise, the tools they use to perform and find success are the same that can be utilized by anyone. We can learn much from them because like us, they are people first.

“Every day, people perform”

Whether it’s an interview, presentation, conversation, or competitive event; an individuals’ ability to perform to their potential will grant a greater chance for success. I regard it as an honor and a privilege to provide someone the opportunity to experience more success in their life. I have seen time and time again, from the athletic youth to the Olympic athlete, the power that experiencing success can have on someone. Success breeds more success, and here at PERC, we believe that is our greatest contribution.

“Every day, people perform.” Welcome to PERC.