"I've been working with Jay for over a year now and I can say firsthand that my game has dramatically changed for the better. I am able to deal with things that happen throughout the game is a quicker and healthier manner than most of my opponents. Jay is truly one of the best at his craft."

Elite Junior Hockey Player

"Jay has helped me become an elite golfer through a uniquely tailored program to enhance my mental approach to the game of golf. By putting a mental routine into my game, I have excelled in the sport more than I thought possible. I would highly recommend Jay to any athlete looking to develop a mental edge over the competition."

NCAA Division 1 Golfer

"Jay has the amazing ability to get through to any and all of the clients that I have referred to him. His research-backed strategies can help anyone transform their mental game from normal to elite. I have seen lives be turned around because of his work. "

Nicole Fox, PT, DPT, RYT

"Jay has become a trusted ally and resource in the mental development of both our athletes at the teenage elite levels and with our coaching staff. He is able to package complex material in an accessible and relatable way. He is also able to provoke self-discovery and thought like no one else I have seen in the mental training realm. I can say with 100% confidence that our coaching staff, our athletes and the parents of our athletes have developed confidence, learned coping skills and have become better students/teachers as the result of Jay's hard work."

Jamie O'Leary - Director of Coaching

"Jay has been one of the best things that has happened to our daughter's career. The work he has done with her has resulted in a transformation that greatly exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Jay!"

Parent of Elite Female Gymnast

"I had attempted to work with a few other providers in the Denver area on my mental game. It wasn't until I found Jay that things really started to click for me and I was able to have my best season to date!"

USHL Hockey Player

" I was having trouble with mental blocks in training and anxiety around competing. When I started working with Jay, I got kind of stressed out because I didn’t think I was seeing any improvement. But slowly, as I continued to work with him, coaches and other people came up to me and commented on how much calmer and more confident I seemed at the rink. Around the time of an important summer competition, I noticed the difference myself, because the techniques I explored with him made a huge (positive) difference in how I handled my nerves and preparation. As a result, I performed much better than in the past. This difference has only increased over time. Jay gets sports, and he gets athletes. He taught me techniques that made sense that I can use by myself to continue to progress and improve. It’s not a magic fix, it takes work and repetition, but it was SO worth it. I hope to work with Jay again next season as the competition gets fiercer and the pressure increases."

High Level Female Figure Skater

"Jay is great! He will start with you wherever you are at and help you from there! He helps each athlete in the way they need specifically. After a few months working with him, I saw great improvements. Highly recommend!"

Jake Porter

""Truely changed my out look on my sport and allowed me to develop my "Why" for the future. Outstanding staff.""

Frank Ruppel- Division 1 College Swimmer

""After suffering from an injury that put me out of my sport in the midst of college recruiting, I was recommended to PERC by a friend. Shortly after going to appointments with Jay, my entire mental perspective changed on the field. I gained back my confidence and was able to build a solid mindset. He challenged me to think in different ways about my role as an athlete and showed me that the mental side of sports is just as crucial as the physical side. I truly believe my recovery wouldn't have been nearly as successful without his help.""

Ramsey Kilgore - High Level Softball Player

"PERC has been working with HRA athletes aged 11-18 for the past 5 months. They have guided the athletes through discussions about how to approach fear, nervousness, anxiety, self worth and much, much more. Through PERC's teachings, HRA athletes are given tools to adjust their emotions and create positive outcomes for themselves. The staff at HRA feels that PERC is THE most important opportunity we can provide for our members. What our athletes are learning through the PERC program will give them tools to be successful in the pool and, most importantly, in life."

Jill Ruppel, Highlands Ranch Aquatics Swim Club

"In LHA's first year of partnering with PERC, we were witness to tremendous growth in our U16 and U14 players. The communication and level of commitment from Jay and his staff were excellent."

Littleton Hockey Director Brian TenEyck

"I was coming back from an injury and I had this huge mental block with one of my jumps. It had gotten so bad I didn't want to skate anymore. I went and saw Jay and he worked with me and gave me great tools to use and now I have broken down that mental wall and can do my just without even hesitating."

Elite Figure Skater

"My daughter works with Jay Thooft at PERC. After returning from an injury, she made some mental blocks that were making her favorite sport miserable. We started seeing Jay and he has really helped her find the joy in skating again in addition to giving her tools to work through her mental blocks. He listened and got a whole picture of the the situation before he came up with an individualized plan our athlete. My daughter is very comfortable working with Jay and is following through with the exercises he gives her. I highly recommend Jay!"

Parent of Elite Figure Skater

"I have a better understanding on how to handle stress and my emotions when life throws me “curveballs”."

Participant of Resilience Class, Elite High School Baseball Player

"This class doesn’t just have a coach talking to us, we have open discussions where we can understand everything. The information is backed by science and logic and can be applied to life and sports."

Participant of Resilience Class, Division II Baseball Player

"Jay completely turned my athlete’s life around. The things that come out of her mouth are just music to my ears. Her progress this year is leaps & bounds over last year. I cannot express how much I appreciate all that he has done and will continue to do."

Julie Morris, Figure Skating Coach

"I would say resilience and mental training are just as important as the physical aspects of baseball and this class has helped me grow as a lot as a player and a person."

Participant of Resilience Class

"This class will change your view of hardship because it breaks down how to handle those situations mentally."

Participant of Resilience Class

"My daughter was struggling. Those struggles were exhibited by a variety of behaviors that kept her from performing to her potential. Something had to change as the way things were in our home was unsustainable. In a short time with Jay, she began to grasp the skills she needed to perform consistently. My family is significantly happier and my daughter feels more confident. Our approach as parents was to want to “fix” it. Jay helped us realize that her struggles were not uncommon for elite athletes and that her weaknesses can also be her greatest strengths"

Parent of a National Team Figure Skater

"Right off the bat, I was impressed with Jay’s background and expertise. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to work on putting, chipping, full shots and course management. His instruction was enlightening. I have a newfound confidence and game plan to follow. After 5 lessons I feel more secure in my game then I have for the last 20 years. I’ve had positive results from the initial lesson and the results keep getting better. I have a new relaxed approach to the game and can’t wait to see what happens in the future!"

57 year old Female Golfer

"Jay’s ability to present profound information and ways of thinking in a manner that is easy to understand alongside that exercises to practice these skills makes it impossible not to become a better golfer, thinker, and more importantly, a better person."

Elite Colorado High School Golfer

"My daughter has been a competitive USAG gymnast for many years and for the last few years, has struggled significantly with fears and regressing on skills that she previously had. Most recently, she was unable to do a release move on the uneven bars that would prevent her from competing in the upcoming season. When she started working with Jay, we were ready to give up. She had gone almost a year without being able to do any release move, and we had tried almost everything one could think of to get her past her fear, including other therapists, visualization, hypnosis apps, etc. Within 6 weeks of working with Jay, she had not only gotten past her fear of letting go of the bar, but was ready to compete her entire bar routine! We are beyond thrilled. We can’t say enough about what he has done for our daughter. Thank you, Jay!"

Parent of USAG Level 10 Gymnast

"For years, we in Lightning Baseball have done our very best to teach the game of baseball at the highest levels possible. We have a tremendous coaching staff, with incredible levels of knowledge, based upon their outstanding playing, and coaching, careers. But the one thing that I have always felt was missing, was time on the mental aspect of the student/athlete. I was so fortunate to have met Jay Thooft of PERC. Jay brings a passion for the kids, and his profession, that is immediately recognizable. Jay is fully aware of the failures of the sport and he truly has the skills and education to give our kids a much greater opportunity to achieve their dreams – whatever those dreams may be. At the end of our fall program, we had over 25% of the kids voluntarily request that we do more work in the future with Jay, if possible! Jay and I are already discussing options of how we can utilize him in our summer programs as well as including his skills in our fall program again next fall! I often am weary of recommending anyone because I believe we have very high standards in our program – and Jay exceeds those expectations! Given that, I highly recommend anyone utilizing Jay to help themselves, and/or their kids, to greatly enhance their opportunities on the field and off."

Dave Tucker, Owner of Lightning Baseball Academy