Group Consultations

PERC offers various group consultation services for teams, sports organizations, and businesses in order to help them achieve their goals. These group consultations come in different forms, such as group training, team leadership training, coach consultations, and others.

The group consultations and meetings offered by PERC are efficient, effective, and engage in venues that provide mindset training to a teams in sports and business. These sessions can provide team members not only with skills training but also with overall motivation for accomplishing their goals. Our Performance Excellence Coaches also help cultivate culture and promote a supportive environment within the group. Team settings are ideal because they are interactive and allow team members to share lessons with each other.

How Skills Clinics Can Amplify Your Overall Performance

Of course, skills clinics will still be beneficial for your team. However, working directly with PERC and participating in group consultations will help your team create and execute a customized team building program. PERC can help resolve your team’s concerns, whether you are trying to improve your existing strengths, or you are not performing well and you want to work towards becoming better as a team. If you are struggling with ineffective communication or bad leadership, PERC can also help you find a solution. 

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