Through our mentorship program, PERC can help alleviate stress and pressure for everyday challenges and adversity. The program will help enhance your productivity and performance for both athletes, youth athletes, and non-athletes. Performance anxiety is something everyone deals with and PERC aims to help identify these types of challenges and overcome them as well as supplying tools to thrive in the future.

What Our Mentoring Program Offers

We at PERC strive to help athletes through our mentoring program. Young athletes in particular experience immense pressure and can create lots of stress for athletes at such a young age. They may be struggling due to lack of mindset, mental skill set, or motivation. Our mentoring program aims to teach them a set of skills and techniques they can use to overcome their greatest adversity; themselves. To put it simply, our mentorship program gives athletes a winner’s mindset. Through this, they are able to perform at their best. This mindset, partnered with intense training will create a team player that will be able to have motivation and go through pressure and challenges easily and continue to thrive using the skills they acquired for the future.

Team Mentoring Program

Working directly with PERC and participating in group consultations will help your team create and execute a customized team building program. PERC can help resolve your team’s concerns, whether you are trying to improve your existing strengths, or you are not performing well and you want to work towards becoming better as a team. If you are struggling with ineffective communication or bad leadership, PERC can also help you find a solution.

We Will Develop Your Winner’s Mindset

By having a winner’s mindset, athletes, youth athletes, and non-athletes are able to get through life’s hardships with ease. With enough effort and cooperation, they’ll be a better version of themselves in the future.

Being your best is important and PERC is here to help achieve mental toughness, self-belief, and perseverance. Clients leave our doors, happy, satisfied, and most importantly, prepared for any adverse challenges that come their way. These techniques and skills learned through our mentorship program are not limited to any industry. PERC teaches the right mental skills to think clearly and trust yourself which are key components for success!

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