Optimizing Recovery

A lot of psychological support services are offered to athletes and other individuals in order to help them boost their performance in their own respective fields. However, the sad thing is that not all of these services extend to rehabilitation from injury.

An athletic injury can create a significant impact on an athlete’s life. Oftentimes, injuries cause athletes to experience higher stress levels. At the same time, injuries also lead to negative thinking, low self-esteem, loss of autonomy, lack of motivation, and fear of playing again. They also bring about feelings of depression, change of mood, identity loss, and failure to enjoy the sport again. Once an individual is stripped of the ability to perform, he or she can lose the drive that once helped him or her achieve success.

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PERC’s job is to complement the help that clients get from other professionals. We understand the importance of mentality when it comes to performance and recovery. Our goal is to provide support to athletes; educate them, and supply them with the tools that they need. We offer individual consultations as well as workshops. The mental skills that we teach are able to address the needs of athletes in terms of motivating themselves. We work directly with physical therapists in order for us to understand our clients’ injuries and be able to treat them holistically.

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