In an organizational setting, an individual’s success is nothing if the team they belong to is falling apart. This is what our Performance Excellence Coaches had in mind when this service was initially offered. A customized plan is designed to tackle the teams’ or organizations’ particular challenges. To amplify the performance of the team, its dynamics and cohesion should be built and rebuilt. 

We mold team players and a trusting team environment to ensure the success of the entire organization.

PERC will provide you with a customized training plan that is tailored fit for your group’s issues or goals. Every group consultation session is highly customized and may tackle various topics such as team dynamics, team values, trust, leadership, mental toughness, team norms, responsibility and accountability, understanding team roles, building team commitment, goal setting, and growth mindset.

For Business

Being able to do the task is a totally different story from conquering it. With ability must come a winning attitude. At PERC, our Performance Excellence Coaches help individuals, teams, and groups attain success in their endeavors in both business and life.

We use our expertise to train any business team in a similar fashion that we train our sports team. PERC understands that all businesses struggle at time with deficiencies cohesion such as leadership, communication, and productivity. We will diagnose those deficiencies and come up with a solution. Individual members may be dealing with the stress, pressure, and adversity in their job. PERC creates individualized plans to ensure your team can achieve optimal performance and productivity. Our methods are derived from the latest techniques in performance psychology, leadership coaching, and resilience training. You can trust that working directly with PERC and participating in group consultations will help your team create and execute a customized performance program for your team.

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